20 Incredible facts about China

20 Incredible facts about China

How much do you know about China? You will definitely ask, that it is the most populated country in the world, motherland of silk and tea, Chinese Wall can be observed from the space and traditional cuisine includes numerous of dishes with rice. Well, good for you, but this knowledge is not enough to characterize this ancient civilization. We made a list of 20 incredible and even bizarre facts about the country.

1. Chinese civilization are one of the oldest and most continuous civilization in the world. Its history spans over more than 5000 years. Being great in its political power and influence in the past, it has saved this status throughout the ages and till today.

2. China is the homeland to the revolutionary inventions. Paper, gunpowder, compass and printing are the four ancient ideas that changed the course of human history. By the way, paper money were also invented there.

3. The blood circulation in the body and heart functions was discovered in China in the second century b. c.

4. The country's area is almost 9,6 million km and is the fourth largest on the globe. Despite that, all territory is located in one time zone.

5. The most unbelievable heritage of Chinese culture and history is The Terracotta Army. This great example of funerary art consist of 8099 statues of warriors of first emperor and their horses. Statues ale life-sized and each face of the soldier is different.

6. The strange tradition to grow long nail of little finger took place among wealthy citizens. They even decorated it with gold and silver.

7. World-famous Chinese martial arts developed mostly from ancient hunting technics.

8. There are 32 million more men than women in China. Such imbalance is caused by the policy of one child and infanticide.

9. Famous Chinese fortune cookies are actually American. They were invented in 1920 on the Key Heong Noodle Factory, San Francisco. Today most of them are eaten also in the USA.

10. Facebook's been banned in the country since 2009. So if you want to meet a life companion from China or other Asian countries, visit Asian online dating sites.

11. The New Year celebration in China lasts for 15 days. There is an ancient myth about monster Nian, which comes out during the holiday and eats people.

12. Red is popular in Chinese culture because it symbolizes happiness. It is widely used at weddings, birthdays and festivals.

13. Almost 20 million of trees are cut each year for making disposable chopsticks.

14. Railway lines in China are so long, that can loop around the world twice.

15. The Chinese name of Mount Everest is Qomolangma, which means 'Mother Goddess of the Earth'.

16. China is the world's leader in mushroom production.

17. The country is also the world's largest producer of… well, of everything.

18. Dragon resembles the greatest symbol of the country, while in the Western civilizations it is known as evil and destroying creature.

19. The Emperors used giant pandas for protection from natural disasters and evil spirits.

20. White is a mourning and funeral color in China. Weird for us, isn't it?

Ever thought about visiting China? Get ready to know more shocking facts about it and see its uniqueness with your own eyes.