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China Flightss SchedulePeople in China generally wore tunics (like long t-shirts). Women wore long tunics down to the ground, with belts, and men wore shorter ones down to their knees. Sometimes they wore jackets over their tunics. In the winter, when it was cold, people wore padded jackets over their tunics, and sometimes pants under them.


In early China, poor people made their clothes of hemp or ramie. Rich people wore silk. Most people in China, both men and women, wore their hair long. People said that you got your hair from your parents and so it was disrespectful to cut it. During the Sui Dynasty, in the 500's AD, the emperor decided that all poor people had to wear blue or black clothes, and only rich people could wear colors. Sung Dynasty, about 1100 AD, a fashion started at the emperor's court for women to bind their feet.

Route Price(one way) Book By Mail
Shanghai to Shanghai $140
Shanghai to Xian $143
Shanghai to Guilin $206 
Shanghai to Guangzhou $238 
Shanghai to Wuhan &173 
Shanghai to Changsha $206 
Shanghai to Kunming $166 
Shanghai to Sanya $287 
Shanghai to Hong Kong $284