General Introduction to Changchun

Changchun City GuideChangchun is the political, economical and cultural center of Jilin province. It is also a famous historical city in China. For the history reason, Changchun was a clony of Japan. But now Changchun is a beautiful and charming city in the north of China. Changchun is considered as a city of film, a city of automobiles and a city of forest. Famous attractions in Changchun including City of Film and the south Lake.

Changchun has suffered a lot of hardships, especially in modern times. In 1931 Japan invaded and occupied entire northeast part of China, which can be considered the prelude of Chinese Anti-Japanese War. Obviously Changchun became a colony of Japanese imperialists. On March 1, 1932, Puyi, the last emperor of China, set up Manchukuo in Changchun supported by Japanese invaders, taking Changchun as the capital. From then on brutal rule of Japanese upon Chinese people had begun. After a long time of struggle and resistance, finally Changchun broke off the ruthless rule, stepping into a bright and splendid future.


Changchun Weather Forecast

Changchun has a semit-wet and monsoon climate. The Spring is very windy and dry while the summer is cool and comfortable. The Autumn is sunny and warm but the winter is cold and snowing.

Top Ten Attactions in Changchun

Forbidden City BeijingJilin Provincial Museum

Tiananmen Square BeijingChangchun Film Cit

Temple of Heaven BeijingBanruo Temple

Badaling Great Wall BeijingChangchun Mosque

Badaling Great Wall BeijingWen Temple

Badaling Great Wall BeijingNong'an Liao Tower


Changchun Public Transport

Changchun is developing its city layout in a long-term bid to alleviate pressure on limited land, aid economic development and absorb a rising population. According to a draft plan up until 2020, the downtown area will expand southwards to form a new city center around Changchun World Sculpture Park, Satellite Square and their outskirts, and the new development zone.

Top Ten Changchun Hotels Lists

Forbidden City BeijingShangri-La Hotel Changchun

Tiananmen Square BeijingSuper 8 (Changchun Tian Xin)

Tiananmen Square BeijingChunyi Hotel


Tiananmen Square BeijingQianjin International Hotel

Tiananmen Square BeijingSuper 8 (Changchun Qimaocheng


Tiananmen Square BeijingHome Inn Changchun

Tiananmen Square BeijingJinjiang Inn

Tiananmen Square BeijingJindu Hotel

Tiananmen Square BeijingCelebrity Hotel

Tiananmen Square BeijingParadise Hotel


There are hundreds of hotels in Changchun ranging from luxury five star hotels to the common hotels. You can search lots of hotels by the internet. Here China travel discovery only recommend only top ten hotels in Beijing. You can choose one of them. This hotel list is also the reference of tripadvisor.

Changchun Food

The ecosystem environment of Changchun is good, the dining resources is abundant. The delicacies of Changchun melt the pick of all kinds of major styles of cooking such as the north styles of cooking, the south styles of cooking, the east styles of cooking, the west styles of cooking, Chuan, Lu, Jing and so on. The most special features are the native countryside taste, all of them are subjected to the domestic and international tour favor deeply. In recent years, it is special features with natural, green, nourishment, health, fixing position in popularize come close the Jiecai of the common people to enjoy high prestige the world outside..


Top Ten Changchun restaurants Lists

Forbidden City Beijing Dadong Roast Duck (Dongsi)

Tiananmen Square Beijing Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant

Tiananmen Square Beijing Hatsune (Yin Quan)


Tiananmen Square Beijing All-Star Sports Bar & Grill

Tiananmen Square Beijing Noodle Loft


Tiananmen Square Beijing Made in China (Grand Hyatt)

Tiananmen Square Beijing Paper

Tiananmen Square Beijing S.A.L.T.

Tiananmen Square Beijing Din Tai Fung

Tiananmen Square Beijing Da Dong Roast Duck


There are hundreds of western restaurants and Chinese restaurants in Beijing providing the most traditional Chinese food and western food including Italian, French, Brazial and Russian food. Here is a list of the restaurants foreign tourists usually have a dinner.


Changchun Nightlife

Nightlife in Changchun is not as colorful and romantic as that of other big cities in China, such as Shanghai or Beijing. However, it has its own distinctive flavor which can be appreciated only if you sample it personally. Various kinds of pubs, coffee bars, teahouses and other amusement centers cater for your enjoyment. If you come to visit Changchun, you can not only enjoy beautiful sceneries, but also the various kinds of amusement are waiting for you. Local features and exotic flavors mix together in Changchun so you are sure to find at least one to suit you.


Changchun Shopping

Changchun is very convenient for shopping; Chongqing Lu, Guangfu Market, Renmin Plaza, etc. are all crowded business area. Moreover there are many large shopping malls are waiting for you, such as Changchun Department Store, Changbaishan Shopping Center, International Trade Center, Charter Shopping Center, an the like. Some of stores in Changchun sell speciality local products of Jilin Province and some handcrafts made by local peasants, such as woodcarvings, grass intertextures, bark pictures, feather pictures, and so on and all make unique gifts for friends and relatives. In addition you can buy authentic ginsengs and deer antlers at low price.


Changchun Travel Tips

In Changchun there are many kinds of festivals and folk custom such as Changchun International Film Festival, Automobile Fair, Ice and Snow festival. Because it is a industrial city, Changchun is very convenient in transport and public service in internet, communication, meeting and education and culture.