General Introduction to Fuzhou

Chengdu CityFuzhou is located in the south eastern of China. It is the capital of Fujian province. Fuzhou is also the economical, political and cultural center of Fujian province. With more than 2,000 years of history, Fuzhou is also rich in historical and cultural relics and sites. Because Fuzhou is located in the South eastern of China, Fuzhou enjoys a comfortable weather and climate. Tourists can visits Fuzhou all year round. Famous attractions in Fuzhou are including Mt. Gu, Qi, Yongquan temple and Xichan Temple.

The city is also referred to as Rongcheng Foochow Romanized which means "city of banyan trees". Along with the many counties of Ningde, those of Fuzhou are considered to constitute the Mindong linguistic and cultural area. Fuzhou's core counties lie on the north (or left) bank of the estuary of Fujian's largest river, the Min River. All along its northern border lies Ningde, and Ningde's Gutian County lies upriver. Fuzhou's counties south of the Min border on Putian, Quanzhou, Sanming and Nanping municipalities.


Fuzhou Weather Forecast

Fuzhou is located in the northeast coast of Fujian province, in the opposite of North Taiwan, connects jointly northwards with Ningde and Nanping, southwards with Quanzhou and Putian, westwards with Sanming respectively.

Top Ten Attactions in Fuzhou

Forbidden City BeijingEarth Towers of the Hakkas

Tiananmen Square BeijingMinjiang Park

Chairman Mao's Memorial BeijingMt.Wuyi

Temple of Heaven BeijingNational scenic area-Mt. Gu

Badaling Great Wall BeijingFuzhou National Forest Park

Ming Dynasty Tombs Beijing Mt. Wu and Mt. Yu

Beihai Parks BeijingWest Lake Park

Summer Palace Beijing Xichan Temple

Beijing Fragrant HillZhuzifang Block

Hutongs in Beijing Mawei


Fuzhou Public Transport

The city is served by two airports: Fuzhou Changle International Airport and Fuzhou Yixu Airport (old airfield). The former is its main international airport and a air-hub in the southeast China, the latter one was turned into a PLA airbase after 1997. Currently, the main railway is the "Wai Fu Railway", running eastwards through the northern districts towards Jiangxi province. The subline "Fuma railway" runs from the city hub to Mawei district. Two more railways are also under construction: The "Wen Fu railway" runs north towards Wenzhou in southern Zhejiang province, while the "Fuxia railway" runs south towards Xiamen. This later railway is designed to be a high-speed railway with speeds up to 200 km and will be completed by early July 2009. There are also plans for 2 metro lines, with the first line to be completed by 2014.

Top Ten Fuzhou Hotels Lists

There are hundreds of hotels in Fuzhou ranging from luxury five star hotels to the common hotels. You can search lots of hotels by the internet. Here China travel discovery only recommend only top ten hotels in Beijing. You can choose one of them. This hotel list is also the reference of tripadvisor.

Forbidden City BeijingShangri-La Hotel Fuzhou

Tiananmen Square BeijingFuzhou Grand Hotel

Tiananmen Square BeijingShangri-La Hotel Chengdu

Tiananmen Square BeijingBest Western Fortune Hotel

Tiananmen Square BeijingPing Shan Hotel

Tiananmen Square BeijingHome Inn (Fuzhou Hua Lin Road)

Tiananmen Square BeijingGolden Hotel Fuzhou

Tiananmen Square BeijingHanting Express (Fuzhou Wuyi Square)

Tiananmen Square Beijing7 Days Inn (Fuzhou Yangtoukou)

Tiananmen Square BeijingRamada Plaza Fuzhou


Fuzhou Food

Fuzhou dishes are representative of the Min Cuisine that is very much a feature of Fujian Province and is one of the Eight Major Cuisines of China . Min, (which is short for Fujian Province), has its own unique style that has evolved over a very long period of time and each of the various recipes are very precise with an emphasis placed on their savory sauces. These sauces are mild and of a sweet and sour nature and together with meats and vegetables that are cut and prepared in a particular manner, combine into wonderfully appetizing dishes. As in other provinces, snacks are very much part of daily diet and the tasty Fuzhou snacks rightly deserve their recognition as 'Famous Chinese Snacks'.


Top Ten Fuzhou restaurants Lists

In Fuzhou, there is a strange feature: lots of restaurants assemble to operate on the same street. Especially on the Yangxi Line, there are hundreds of restaurants operating different dishes: Sichuan Cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Chaozhou dishes, Northeastern Cuisine and even Korean Food. Restaurants on Yangxi Line have a common feature that they set up seats in the hall for customers.

Forbidden City Beijing Juchunyuan Chinese Restaurant

Tiananmen Square Beijing Antai Lou Restaurant

Tiananmen Square Beijing Lao Fuzhou Restaurant

Tiananmen Square Beijing Fuzhou Shaxian Snacks Restaurant

Tiananmen Square Beijing Rong Cheng Lao Jie


Tiananmen Square Beijing Windsor Western Restaurant

Tiananmen Square Beijing Western Restaurant of Xinhuadu Hotel

Tiananmen Square Beijing Pizza Hut

Tiananmen Square Beijing McDonald's

Tiananmen Square Beijing KFC Jiangbin Restaurant



Fuzhou Nightlife

As a modern southern city, Fuzhou City is a flourishing entertainment center. All manner of places of entertainment, night clubs and sauna etc. line the busy streets. These places are massed in the area of Jiangjun Temple, Liuyi Lu and Dong Jie Kou. The Hot Springs are a feature of Fuzhou, and are scattered around the Hot Spring Hotel. Air force No. 1 (Address: No. 256, Liuyi Bei Lu) is one of Fuzhou's special recreation places. The recreation programs are elaborately designed each day to cater to your taste - song and dance shows, instrumental performances, fashionable dress shows and honorable guests' performances on Friday and Saturday. Pyramid Music Square, in the parking lot of Fuzhou International Exhibition Center, offers light music, disco and entertainment shows and also they invite stars from different regions to give performances every day. Taoyuan Tea House has a high grade and well served elegant environment. Although there are some wonderful recreational places for tourists to visit in Fuzhou City, the nightlife there is not as glamorous and fascinating as the metropolis of Shanghai and Beijing, etc.


Fuzhou Shopping

Fuzhou is the national craft art point production area, for hundreds of years, the handicraft products like the Tuotai lacquers, stone carvings of Shou Mountain, gold and silver jewelries, the cork paintings, china, shell carvings, Zhishanjiaoshu etc. are elegant and incomparable, dumping the Chinese and Foreign visitors.


Fuzhou Travel Tips

Fuzhou gets close to East China Sea, belongs to the warm and wet subtropics maritime climate, the weather is warmer, the average air temperature of year is 19.6 ?, the volume of rain is abundant. It is cooler and rainy in Fuzhou from March to April, the visitors can wear the woolen sweater, the cotton hair trousers and coats; it is summers from May to September, you should wear the cool well ventilated clothes; It is autumn from October to November, you need wear the single dress or thin sweaters; it is winter from December to the next February, you must wear the thick sweaters and dress. There are often thundershowers and typhoons from May to August; it is the season of typhoon in June, July and August, there must be the heavy rain or rain-storms after typhoon. The best season when you go to travel in Fuzhou is autumn and winter, then the sunlight is bright and beautiful there, the trees are evergreen, one parties Yugoslavia landscape, the northern visitors are particularly fit.