General Introduction to Guangzhou

Chengdu CityAs Guangdong Province's provincal city, Guangzhou is not only a beautiufl Chinese southernal prosperous metropolis, but also a city full with south China's culture and food. Anyone coming to Guangzhou can fell the big difference with the northern city of China. It is also one of the best developed and modern city of China. Thousands of people from the west China and north Chna come here for work and living.

The city is famous for foreign trade and business, and holds China's largest trade fair, the Canton Fair. However, in between the seemingly endless skyscrapers, shopping malls and building sites there is a lot of culture and history, and while Guangzhou is not usually high on the list of Asian tourist destinations, it is amazing how much the city actually has to offer.


Guangzhou Weather Forecast

Guangzhou is located at 112°57'E to 114°3'E and 22°26'N to 23°56'N. The city is part of the Pearl River Delta. Guangzhou has a humid subtropical climate influenced by the Asian monsoon. Summers are wet with high temperatures, high humidity and a high heat index. Winters are mild, dry and sunny. .

Top Ten Attactions in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a big city with much to see. It is the largest city in Southern China and enjoy great fume in home and abroad. The city is rich in natural resources and historical sites. It plays an important role in the recent history of China. Famous Great Sun Yat-Sen began his business in Guangzhou. Here is only a list of the top attractions to see in Guangzhou

Guangzhou AttractionsBright Filial Piety Temple

Guangzhou AttractionsYuexiu Park

Guangzhou Top AttractionsThe Pearl River

Guangzhou sightseeingWhite Cloud Mountain

Guangzhou AttractionsAncestral Temple of the Chen Family

Guangzhou scenic spots Chimelong Holiday Resort

Guangzhou what to seeHuaisheng Mosque

What to do in Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

What to see in GuangzhouTemple of the Six Banyan Trees

Guangzhou attractions Western Han Nanyue King's Tomb Museum


Guangzhou Public Transport

Located in the middle of south China, Guangzhou is one of the prosperous cities on the north border of the Pearl River Delta. This advantageous position makes Guangzhou a transportation hub for south China by air, road and water. This transportation system has helped Guangzhou become one of the most developed regions in south China.

Guangzhou Public Transport By Air

Guangzhou Public Transport By Trains

Guangzhou Public Transport By Bus

Guangzhou Public Transport By Car

Guangzhou Public Transport By Subway

Guangzhou Public Transport By Bike

Guangzhou Public Transport By Motorbike

Guangzhou Public Transport By Boats

Top Ten Hotels in Guangzhou

Weeks starting Mid-April to Early May and Mid-October to Early November (April 15-May 5 and October 15-November 5) coincide with the annual Guangzhou International Trade Fairs. Hotel room rates are unreasonably hiked up anything from 200% to 400%, including hostels! If you're not travelling to see the Trade Fair, you might want to consider another period of time.


Guangzhou HotelsGuangdong Victory Hotel

Guangzhou HotelsHotel Canton

Hotels in GuangzhouColorful Days Hotel

Top Hotels in GuangzhouThe Westin Guangzhou

Guangzhou discount hotelsShangri-La Hotel Guangzhou

Guangzhou top hotelsGrand Hyatt Guangzhou

Top hotels in GuangzhouPullman Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

Hotels in GuangzhouHoliday Inn Shifu Guangzhou

Discount Hotels in GuangzhouWhite Swan Hotel

Recommended Hotels in GuangzhouChina Hotel, A Marriott Hotel


Famous Food in Guangzhou

Food and drink are the indispensable material conditions on which human beings live. The ancestors of more than 2000 years ago told such a truth: Food is the first necessity of the people. As the science, technology and social materials develop, the level of catering has become an important standard for the civilization of a nation. As the famous saying goes, "Eating in Guangzhou", Catering has been the relatively active industry of the economy of Guangzhou and also the sensitive industry to the society. Judging from the history, as long as the society is stable, the economy develops, the restaurants must be flourishing. Therefore, people regard catering industry as the weather glass of the politics and economy of the society.

Guangzhou FoodBaiqie Chicken (sliced boiled chicken)

Guangzhou famous food Fo Tiao Qiang

Guangzhou food Barbecued Pork in Honey Sauce

Guangzhou famous foodChinese rice pasta

Guangzhou famous food Eight Bao Chinese Winter Watermelon

Guangzhou famous foodShaoxing chicken in a crock

Guangzhou famous food Special Roasted whole suckling pig

Guangzhou famous food Wenchang Braised Chicken

Guangzhou top food Pantang Water Chestnut Cake

Guangzhou famous foodShrimp wonton noodle soup


Top Ten Restaurants in Guangzhou

What ever local flavor, country snack and traditional cuisine are available in Guangzhou. All kinds of restaurants cover every street and commercial area, no matter it is a well known one or a snack bar. In recent years, dining out has become an indispensable activity of people in the daily life and catering industry has attracted more investors to join in. Therefore, the number of restaurant increased tremendously, the competition method are diversified, which takes on a flourishing phenomena.


Guangzhou Restaurants Pandan Indonesian Cuisine

Restaurants in Guangzhou Pizza2Pizza

Guangzhou Restaurants Tairyo Japanese Restaurant

Guangzhou Restaurants Danny's Italian American restaurant

Guangzhou RestaurantsVaastu


Guangzhou Restaurants 1920 Restaurant & Bar

Guangzhou Restaurants Prime

Guangzhou Restaurants La Seine

Guangzhou RestaurantsTaste of India

Guangzhou Eating Taste Yunnan Restaurant



Guangzhou Nightlife and Top Ten Pubs and Bars

The three best-known party streets in the city are Binjiang Lu, Huanshi Lu and Bai'e Tan. Binjiang Lu Bar Street is by the bank of the Zhujiang (Pearl River), in a great setting. Huanshi Lu Bar Street is located in the city centre. The Bai'e Tan Bar Street, located at Changdi Lu on the bank of Bai'e Tan (White Goose Pond), is the most exotic.

Guangzhou pubs Zhujiang Yeyou

Guangzhou pubs and bars Amigo

Guangzhou pubs and bars Golf Club

Guangzhou nightlife 23 Club

Guangzhou barsBaby Face


Guangzhou bars Bridge House

Guangzhou bars Party World

Guangzhou barsChina Plaza Theater

Guangzhou barsLongsheng Bar

Guangzhou bars Soho Bar




Guangzhou Shopping Items

Guangzhou city is South China's biggest national-and-foreign-oriented city with flourishing commerce, and China's chief foreign trade center as well. Guangzhou is a shopper's paradise for the wide variety of inexpensive clothing, electronics, and other consumer goods available in its stores, markets and malls.

Guangzhou shopping Cantonese Colorful Pottery

What to buy in Guangzhou Cantonese Sculpture

Guangzhou shopping Cantonese Embroidery

Guangzhou shopping Jade Sculpture

Guangzhou shoppingRose wood furniture


Guangzhou shoppingWang Laoji herbal tea




Guangzhou Travel Tips

Theft and robbery cases frequently occur in Guangzhou. Security status might be improved with the Asian Games approaching. Helpful advices are given to tourists who are going to visit Guangzhou as follows:

1. Remember to take legal cabs to hotels you reserve in advance when you arrive at the airport.

2. Never walking on the street or go sightseeing alone at night.

3.Don't place over CNY 200 cash in your purses or pockets , don't carry briefcases or handbags to go shopping at night-time.

4.Do take metro instead of buses on which hidden pickpockets are sitting or standing. 5.Don't walk along narrow or crowded streets.