Overview of Diecai Hill

seven star park Diecai hill is also called Guishan Hill long time agao. It is a famous park in Guilin. It is also a good place to hide from the summer hot as there are lots of green trees in the park. Many old people in Guilin are coming to the park every day in summer. The cave of the hills are cool and comfortable. Diecai Hill is located in the northest of Guilin city, Guangxi province. It is one of a famous tourist hills in Guilin. The other two famous hills that around Decai Hill is Duxiu Mountain Peak and Fubo Hill. Decai Hill has got a beautiful landscape and nice environment. There are many caves and beautiful pagodas in the park. On the rock of the mountains, there are many stone carved poems that written by some of the famous poets in history of China, such as the great poet Yuan Hui in Tang Dynasty. He wrote a poem about the hill. The poem is "There are four side of mountains around one lake. Here you will see the most beautiful place in the world." There are many peaks on the hills. Some of them, like Yue Hill, Siwang Hill, MingYue Hill are the good locations to birdview all of the city of Guilin. The hight of the Mingyu Peak is about 223 meters tall.

How to get there

Decai hill is located in the downtwon area of Guilin city. Tourists can take a taxi to the park. Cost will be from 10 to 20 RMB depending on your location. You can also take bus to the park.

Ticket Price of the Park

The park cost you 35 RMB to enter the park. One and half an hour will be good to visit all the attractions in the park. Tourists can buy some water and food in the park. There are many restaurants outside the park. Tourists can eat the famous rice noodle in some of the restaurants.