General Introduction to Guilin

Guilin CityGuilin may be one of the most beautiful tourist city in China which is famous for its clean water and green mountain. There is a popular Chinese saying that "Guilin Shanshui Jia Tian Xia" which means Guilin's landscape is the best under the heaven.


Its name means "forest of Sweet Osmanthus", owing to the large number of fragrant Sweet Osmanthus trees located in the city. The city has long been renowned for its unique scenery.


Guilin Weather and Climate

Guilin has a sub-tropical monsoon climate with four mild and distinctive seasons. The weather in January is the coolest with an average temperature of 7.9C (46F). July is the hottest with an average temperature of 28.3C (82.9F). Warm clothes are recommended for winter-wear, while in spring and autumn something lighter with a woolen sweater will be comfortable. T-shirts with skirts, shorts or slacks are the best choice for summer when the temperature can be rather high. Summer is the rainy season, especially in May and June. Always remember to bring an umbrella with you. Comfortable footwear suitable for walking is a must all year round. It would be wise to bring sun block with you, some medicine to prevent heatstroke and insect repellant Local herbal tea also helps travelers to become accustomed to the local weather and water.

Top Ten Attactions in Guilin

As a centre for tourism, Guilin boasts magnificent natural beauty and many precious cultural relics. The colorful ethnic background lends a touch of mystery that enhances its fame. Why delay - come and enjoy this huge natural theme park.

What to do in Guilin Central Square

What to see in GuilinTwo Rivers and Four Lakes

Guilin Attractions Daxu Ancient Town


Guilin Public Transport

There are many ways going to Guilin by air, trains, buses and car. Geting around Guilin by bike has become more and more popular in recent year. Biking in Guilin and the county around is a good way to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Guilin. The most comfortable way is to take the Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo.


Guilin Public Transport By Air

Guilin Public Transport By Bus

Guilin Public Transport By Car

Guilin Public Transport By Subway

Guilin Public Transport By Bike

Guilin Public Transport By Motorbike

Guilin Public Transport By Boats


Top Ten Hotels in Guilin

Guilin is a famous tourist city in China. It is reknown for its unique scenery and culture. Accommodation in Guilin is much cheaper than the other tourist cities such as Beijing or Shanghai. Famous hotels in Guilin are including Lijiang Water Fall Hotel, Guilin Brovo hotel.


Guilin HotelsGuilin Park Hotel

Guilin HotelsJing Guan Ming Lou Holiday Hotel

Hotels in GuilinSheraton Guilin Hotel

Top Hotels in GuilinHotel of Modern Art

Guilin discount hotelsLijiang Waterfall Hotel

Guilin top hotelsEva Inn

Top hotels in GuilinGuilin Park Hotel

Hotels in GuilinUniversal Guilin Hotel

Discount Hotels in GuilinGuilin Bravo Hotel

Recommended Hotels in GuilinGuilin Royal Garden Hotel




Famous Food in Guilin

Guilin cuisine is known for its snacks and the use of spices, especially chili. The famous Guilin chili sauce, Guìlín làjiāojiàng (桂林辣椒酱), used widely in cooking by locals,[1] is made of fresh chili, garlic, and fermented soybeans, and is considered one of the city's Three Treasures (桂林三宝). The other two of the Three Treasures are Guilin Sanhua Jiu (桂林三花酒), a variety of rice baijiu, or liquor distilled from rice; and Guilin pickled tofu (桂林豆腐乳). Guilin rice noodles (桂林米粉; pinyin: Guìlín mǐfěn) have been the local breakfast staple since the Qin dynasty and are renowned for their delicate taste. Legend has it that when Qin troops suffering from diarrhea entered this region, a cook created the Guilin rice noodles for the army because they had trouble eating the local food. Specifically, the local specialty is noodles with horse meat, but this dish can also be ordered without the horse meat. Zongzi (粽子; pinyin: zòngzi), a dumpling made from glutinous rice and mung bean paste wrapped in a bamboo or banana leaf) [2] is another popular delicacy in Guilin.

Guilin FoodGuilin Rice Noodles

Guilin famous food Lipu Taro and Pork Loaf

Guilin food Yangshuo Beer Fish

Guilin famous foodOil Tea

Guilin famous food Steamed Li River Fish

Guilin famous foodGingko stewed with Old Duck

Guilin famous food Chicken and Gecko Stew

Guilin famous food Lotus Leaf Braised Duck

Guilin top foodStuffed Li River Snails

Guilin famous foodSponge Cake




Top Ten Restaurants in Guilin

The restaurant's take-out customers may gravitate to the beef with broccoli and the chow foon noodles, but the best reason to head on up 270 is further back in the multiple-page menu, the dishes that make up the backbone of Hong Kong-style cooking -- the dumpling soups, noodle bowls, hot pots and rice dishes.


Guilin Restaurants Chunji Roasted Goose Restaurant

Restaurants in Guilin Guilinese Good luck Restaurant(A La Carte)

Guilin Restaurants Guilin People Group

Guilin Restaurants Haodama Food Plaza

Guilin RestaurantsJinlong Zhai Restaurant


Guilin Restaurants Left Bund Cafe

Guilin Restaurants Lisha Restaurant

Guilin Restaurants Mei Shang Restaurant(Mc Found)(A La Carte)

Guilin RestaurantsNatural Cafe

Guilin Eating New Kowloon Restaurant



Guilin Nightlife and Top Ten Pubs and Bars

West Street (Xi Jie) is situated in Yangshuo, the most beautiful town along the Li River. Built in 590 during the Sui Dynasty with the Li River passing by on the east, the street, which has experienced much wind and rain, is still well preserved, revealing the resplendence of past days.

Guilin pubs West Street (Xi Jie)

Guilin pubs and bars Two Rivers & Four Lakes

Guilin pubs and bars Gold Coast Cultural Exchange Co: Minorities Show

Guilin nightlife Night stroll

Guilin barsGuilin Theatre: Acrobatic Performance

Guilin bars A nighttime walk along the Li river

Guilin bars Colorful Guilin

Guilin barsBaidu Bar: An exciting pub/bar in Guilin

Guilin bars L.H. Club: A Good club in Giulin!

Guilin bars Le Feitz




Guilin Shopping Items

Fans, fans and more fans to cool you during the hot summer June till August. These shops are located at the pier of Yangshuo, once you get out of the boat cruise along the Li River. These big Yangshuo fans are great for decorations! I simply can't resist walking bypass these fancy fans without buying it. These fans are delightfully delicate, yet sturdy and colorful. The fans are available in various sizes and they are made with either silk or paper as the fan support and background.

Guilin shopping Bamboo Carving

What to buy in GuilinLapidarist Painting

Guilin shopping Paper Umbrellas

Guilin shopping Landscape Painting

Guilin shoppingPainted fans


Guilin shoppingSanjin Watermelon Extract




Guilin Travel Tips

Theft and robbery cases frequently occur in Guilin. Security status might be improved with the Asian Games approaching. Helpful advices are given to tourists who are going to visit Guilin as follows:

1. Remember to take legal cabs to hotels you reserve in advance when you arrive at the airport.

2. Never walking on the street or go sightseeing alone at night.

3.Don't place over CNY 200 cash in your purses or pockets , don't carry briefcases or handbags to go shopping at night-time.

4.Do take metro instead of buses on which hidden pickpockets are sitting or standing. 5.Don't walk along narrow or crowded streets.