Overview of Seven Star Park

seven star park Seven Star Park is a must see park in Guilin China. It's located in the middle area of Guilin city. There are many beautiful mountains and sights in the park. One of the most famous mountain is Camel Hill in the park. It got its name from it's similar shape with the animal camel. Beside the camel hill, there is a cave in the park wich is called Seven Star Cave. There is also an animal park in the Seven Star Park. Animals are including Pandas, small pandas, monkeys, tigers, birds and other wild animals in China. But you have to pay 20 yuan to enter the animal park. If you travel with children, there is a amusement ground in the park. The amusement ground is a newly developed site for children.

How to get there

Tourists can take a bus number 6,10,11,13,14 to the park and get off at the Seven Star Park station. You can also take a taxi to the park wich will cost you about 10-15 yuan from Guilin city downtown. If you are living in the downtown area of Guilin, you can also walk to the park.

Ticket Price of the Park

The park cost you 35 RMB to enter the park. There is an animal park in the Park which cost you about 20 RMB to view the animals there.