General Introduction to Macau

Macau CityMacau is one of the two special administratives region of China. Neibouring Guangdong Province to the north and facing the south sea of China, Macau is lying on the western side of the Pearl River Delta. From 16th century, the Portuguese traders settled in Macau and made it Portuguese clony since then. On December 20th, 1999, China recovered its administration of the region and made it a special administrative of China.

Covering an area of 27.5 square kilometers , Macau is home to a population of 469,800. 95% of the population are Chinese. The majority resides on the Macau Peninsular where you can find a variety of both Oriental and Western cultural and historical places of interest and all sorts of old buildings that are either European baroque or traditional Chinese in style.



Macau Weather and Climate

Macau has a humid subtropical climate, with average relative humidity between 75% and 90%. Seasonal climate is greatly influenced by the monsoons, and differences in temperature between summer and winter are marked. The average annual temperature of Macau is 22.7 °C (72.9 °F). July is the warmest month, with average temperature being 28.9 °C (84.0 °F). The coolest month is January, with average temperature 15.0 °C (59.0 °F).

Top Ten Attactions in Macau

Wandering around is the best way to explore the city's numerous historical and cultural heritages. Popular sightseeing places that form part of a traveler's itinerary are spread all over the Macau Peninsular. Largo do Senado, the splendid main square with surrounding simple, elegant Portuguese and baroque style buildings is the busiest downtown area of the city. Clothing shops, curio markets, pharmacies, snack stalls and jewelry shops housed in the narrow alleyways that radiate from the square sell dazzling items.


A-Ma Temple A-Ma Temple

Ruins of St. Paul's Ruins of St. Paul's

 Senado SquareSenado Square

 Grand Prix MuseumGrand Prix Museum

  Kun Iam TempleKun Iam Temple

 Lin Fung Temple  Lin Fung Temple

Lou Lim Iok Garden Lou Lim Iok Garden

 Macau Maritime Museum Macau Maritime Museum

 Macau Wine Museum Macau Wine Museum

Monte FortMonte Fort


Macau Public Transport

There are many ways to travel to Macau. If you are in mainland China, you can take flights from Beijing, Shanghai or other major cities in China. You can also take a boat in Shenzhen or Hong Kong to go to Macau. International airlines are also available for international tourists. In Macau city, there are buses, trains, subways and taxi for public transport. Macau International Airport (MFM) has convenient transfers between the air and ferry services in the region. The airport runway is on a narrow strip of reclaimed land and is connected to Taipa by two bridges.


Macau Public Transport By Air

Macau Public Transport By Trains

Macau Public Transport By Bus

Macau Public Transport By Taxi

Macau Public Transport By Bike

Macau Public Transport By Motorbike



Top Ten Hotels in Macau

Macau is a popular travel destinations in the world, which is famous for its gambling culture. People coming to Macau to enjoy its opening culture and beautiful scenery. Here are some best selected hotels in Macau by Trip advisor.


Pousada de Mong-Ha  Pousada de Mong-Ha

Wynn Macau Wynn Macau

MGM Grand Macau MGM Grand Macau

Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16

 Grand Emperor Hotel  Grand Emperor Hotel

  Venetian Macao Resort Hotel  Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

Altira Altira

Four Seasons Hotel Macao Macau Manasarovar Hotel

  Lisboa Hotel Lisboa Hotel

Royal Macau Hotel Royal Macau Hotel


Famous Food in Macau

As well as being a popular gambling resort, Macau can boast that it is a paradise for gourmands. It would be hard to find another city like Macau with its abundance of restaurants with so many different types of cuisine ranging from that of China's Guangdong Province to Portuguese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Viet Nam, American, African as well as other western countries.


 Macau foodBacalhau

 Macau Food  African Chicken

Macau Food  Galinha Portuguesa

Macau Food Linguado Macau

Macau Food  Vegetable Soup

Macau Food Paella

Macau Food   Clam Stir


Top Ten Restaurants in Macau

Macau's restaurants offer so many different types of cuisine ranging from that of China's Guangdong Province to Portuguese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Viet Nam, American, African as well as other western countries. Here are some recommended restaurants in Macau.


Macau restaurants Macau Peninsular

Macau Restaurant Clube Militar de Macau

 Macau Restaurant  Alorcha Palace

 Macau Restaurant  SOLMAR

Macau Restaurant O Santos


Macau Restaurant CAFÉ MADEIRA

Macau Restaurant Margaret's Café

Macau Restaurant Lord Stow's Bakery Restaurant

Macau Restaurant Serradura



Things to Do in Macau

Macau has earned the title of the Oriental Las Vegas as it is a gamblers' paradise, however, it is also a beautiful city with clear streets, gardens and picturesque hilly landscapes. A wander around the city is a fantastic experience! The inner city area of Macau is ideally suited for exploration on foot and there is much to discover in the many winding streets to be found close to the main square, Largo do Senado in the downtown or along the waterfront avenues in the southern part of the city near Nam Van or Outer Harbor. We can recommend this and feel confident that no one would be disappointed.

Things to Do in Macau Largo do Senado

  Things to Do in MacauGuia Hill

Macau pubs and bars Taipa and Coloane

Macau nightlifeGolf

Macau barsKarting

Macau barsHorse& Greyhound Racings

Macau barsDog racing

Macau barsGambling

Macau barsLisboa Casino

Macau barsGalaxy Waldo Casino




Macau Shopping

As other international cities, Macau is also a paradise for shoppers. Tourists can buy jewelry (particularly gold), brand label clothes, Chinese antiques, porcelain and pottery as well as wine, cameras, watches, knit-wear together with a host of electric gadgetry all at free duty prices.

Macau shoppingAntiques

What to buy in MacauFurniture

Macau shoppingWine

Macau shopping Jewelry

Macau shopping Dim Sum


Macau shopping Clothes




Macau Travel Tips

1.There are boats from and to Macau from Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

2.Gambling is the major entertainment in Macau. It is called the eastern Las Vegas.

3. Macau is the special administrative of China since December 20th, 1999.

4. Macau got its name from Mazu and the temple of A Ma temple.