General Introduction to Suzhou

Suzhou CitySuzhou is one of the cities of Jiangsu Province. It is also one of the most popular travel destination in China and the world. Suzhou is located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta. Suzhou is a water town with more than 42% covering by water. There are hundreds of ponds and streams in the city. Suzhou is also called the 'Oriental Venice'. There are many scenery spots in Suzhou including Taihu lake, East Hill and West Hill.

Suzhou has a long history which can be dated back to 2,500 years ago. Suzhou is most famous four its Chinese ancient style gardens. There is an old saying that 'Gardens to the south of Yangtze River are the best in the world, and Suzhou gardens are the best among them'. Tourists are attracted by its beautiful historical gardens. Famous gardens are the Humble Administrator's Garden, the Lingering Garden, the Garden of Master of Nets.



Suzhou Weather and Climate

Suzhou has a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers, and cool to cold, cloudy, damp winters with occasional flurries. The spring and autumn are much more pleasant.

Top Ten Attactions in Suzhou

Suzhou is most famous for its Chinese ancient style gardens. There are many classic gardens in Suzhou such as the Humble Administrator's Garden, the Lingering Garden, the Garden of Master of Nets.


Humble Administrator's Garden Humble Garden

Lingering Garden Lingering Garden

Canglang PavilionCanglang Pavilion

Lion Grove Garden Lion Grove Garden

 Garden of Master of NetsGarden of Master of Nets

Zhouzhuang Zhouzhuang

Tiger HillTiger Hill

Hanshan Temple Hanshan Temple

Luzhi Luzhi

Mudu Mudu


Suzhou Public Transport

Suzhou is the largest city in northeast China. There are many airlines from and to Sany from most of the cities in mainland China. You can also travel to Suzhou by trains, buses, boats. In the city, there are many ways to get around, such as buses, taxi, motor bike and so on.


Suzhou Public Transport By Air

Suzhou Public Transport By Trains

Suzhou Public Transport By Bus

Suzhou Public Transport By Taxi

Suzhou Public Transport By Bike

Suzhou Public Transport By Motorbike



Top Ten Hotels in Suzhou

Suzhou is a famous tourist city in China. There are many luxry hotels in Suzhou. Here are some of the hotels we recommended. Please contact us if you want to book the hotels.



Garden-Hotel Garden-Hotel

Shangri-La-Hotel-Suzhou Shangri-La-Hotel-Suzhou

Jinji-Lake-Grand-Hotel Jinji-Lake-Grand-Hotel

Mingtown-Suzhou-Youth-Hostel Mingtown-Suzhou-Youth-Hostel


Holiday-Inn-Jasmine Holiday-Inn-Jasmine

Kempinski-Hotel-Suzhou Kempinski-Hotel-Suzhou


Renaissance-Suzhou-Hotel Renaissance-Suzhou-Hotel


Famous Food in Suzhou

Suzhou has been called the 'land of milk and honey' since ancient times and Jiangsu cuisine, of which Suzhou cuisine makes up one important part, is one of the eight famous culinary arts in China. Suzhou dishes are praised highly by food connoisseurs from both home and abroad. Derived from local time-honored culinary skills, Suzhou cuisine attains its unique sweet flavor from strictly selected materials, an elaborate way of cooking, and a unique color, aroma and shape. Nearby Taihu Lake (Tai Lake) supplies abundant fresh sea food that adds more color to the table culture of Suzhou. At the same time, more consummate culinary skills are mastered by the locals.


 Suzhou food pine-nut-and-date-cake

Suzhou Food Bittern-Bean-Curd

Suzhou Food  AO Zao Noodle

Suzhou Food Osmanthus-Chicken

Suzhou Food  Suzhou Confects

Suzhou Food Suzhou Steamed fish

Suzhou Food   Suzhou pork

Suzhou Food   Boat-Dessert

Suzhou Food   Crisp-Pear

Suzhou Food   Suzhou Soup


Top Ten Restaurants in Suzhou

There are many local restaurants on the both street of Suzhou. You can easily find a local restaurants providing the traditional Suzhou food. Here are some best selected restaurants.


Suzhou restaurants Song He Lou

Suzhou Restaurant Guanqian Branch

 Suzhou Restaurant  Changxulu Branch

 Suzhou Restaurant  Shantangjie Branch

Suzhou Restaurant De Yue Lou

Suzhou Restaurant Xie He Cai Guan

Suzhou Restaurant Shijia Restaurant

Suzhou Restaurant Wumen Renjia

Suzhou Restaurant Xiang Xue Hai

Suzhou Restaurant Beimen Restaurant



Things to Do in Suzhou

As many cities in China, people can have a rest in a teahouse or a western Cafe. Young people can go to the KTV or Cinema to spend the weekend. Nightlife in Suzhou are colourful and relaxing. Here are some places for recommendation.

Things to Do in Suzhou Shuang Zhao Lou Teahouse

  Things to Do in Suzhou Bo Ya Tang

Suzhou pubs and bars Liang Lei Xuan

Suzhou nightlife U.B.C. Coffee

Suzhou bars Ming Tien Coffee Language

Suzhou bars Provence Coffee

Suzhou bars Harry's Bar

Suzhou bars Bai Du Bar

Suzhou bars Qi Lin Karaoke

Suzhou bars Music Space




Suzhou Shopping

In addition to its natural beauty, Suzhou boasts a number of excellent local products, ranging from snacks to exquisite handcrafts. A fan, a piece of embroidery or a box of local snacks will be not only an excellent souvenir of your journey but the best gift to take home to your friends and relatives. There is no need to visit a large number of shops in search of the best local products, because most of the larger shops have been in business for many years and offer high quality goods. Just enjoy your shopping in Suzhou!

Suzhou shopping Su Embroidery

Suzhou shopping Handcrafts

Suzhou shopping Song-Brocade

Suzhou shopping Suzhou-Fan


Suzhou shopping Prints

Suzhou shopping Writing Brush

Suzhou shopping Biluochun-Tea




Suzhou Travel Tips

1. Suzhou is one of the cities of Jiangsu province.

2.Suzhou is most famous for its garden.

3. The best time to visit Suzhou are Spring and Fall.