General Introduction to Urumqi

Urumqi CityLocated at the foot of Tianshan Mountain, Urumqi is the capital city of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. With a population of two million, Urumqi is home to many ethnic groups, including Uygur people and Zhang people. Urumqi whose name means "beautiful pasture" in the Mongolian language of the Dzungar people, is by far the largest city on China's vast Western interior. Since the 1990s Ürümqi has developed economically and now serves as a regional transport node and commercial centre.

Although Urumqi is situated near the northern route of the Silk Road, it is a relatively young city. During the 22nd year of Emperor Taizong's reign in the Tang Dynasty, AD 648, the Tang government set up the town of Luntai in the ancient town seat of Urabo, 10 kilometers from the southern suburb of present-day Urumqi. Ancient Luntai Town was a seat of local government, and collected taxes from the caravans along the northern route of the Silk Road.



Urumqi Weather and Climate

In Urumqi a semi-arid, continental climate (Köppen climate classification BSk) prevails. Ürümqi experiences very large differences between summer and winter, with hot summers, with an average July temperature high of 30.1 °C (86.2 °F), and cold winters, with an average January high of −7.4 °C (18.7 °F). The annual average temperature is 7.4 °C (45.3 °F). Ürümqi is semi-arid, with its summers slightly wetter than its winters. Its annual precipitation is about 290 millimetres (11.4 in).

Top Ten Attactions in Urumqi

Urumqi is rich in natural resources and landcape. It was an important point for Chinese ancient silk road. There are many famous attractions in and around Urumqi, such as the Heavenly Lake, the Southern Pastures, the Red Hill, the Southern Mosque, the Tartar Mosque, and the Xinjiang Regional Museum.


Silk Road Silk Road

Heavenly Lake Heavenly Lake

Red HillRed Hill

Kanas Nature Reserve Kanas Nature Reserve

Southern Mosque Southern Mosque

Shaanxi Mosque Shaanxi Mosque

Southern PastureSouthern Pasture

Tartar Mosque Tartar Mosque

Qinghai Mosque Qinghai Mosque

Xinjiang Regional Museum Xinjiang Regional Museum


Urumqi Public Transport

Urumqi is the largest city in northeast China. There are many airlines from and to Urumqi from most of the cities in mainland China. You can also travel to Urumqi by trains, buses, boats. In the city, there are many ways to get around, such as buses, taxi, motor bike and so on.


Urumqi Public Transport By Air

Urumqi Public Transport By Trains

Urumqi Public Transport By Bus

Urumqi Public Transport By Taxi

Urumqi Public Transport By Bike

Urumqi Public Transport By Motorbike



Top Ten Hotels in Urumqi

Urumqi is the capital city of Xinjiang Province. It is also the economical, political and cultural center of Xinjiang. There are many luxry hotels in Urumqi. Here are some of the hotels we recommended. Please contact us if you want to book the hotels.


Hoi Tak HotelHoi Tak Hotel

Sheraton-Urumqi-Hotel Sheraton-Urumqi-Hotel

Royal-International-Hotel Royal-International-Hotel


Kempinski-Hotel-Urumqi Kempinski-Hotel-Urumqi



HuaLing-Grand-Hotel HuaLing-Grand-Hotel




Famous Food in Urumqi

Urumqi has traditional food. It is not an exaggeration to say that Urumqi is an expo center of Middle Asian delicacies. Some people think dining in a grand restaurant is a better way to enjoy the local delicacies. However, the fact is not like that. Sometimes, a small nameless snack bar can provide more splendid food. Of course, this situation demands your more patient exploration. Take Er Dao Qiao for an example. There are many snack bars in this place. Please don't despise them for the sake of their tempting snacks.



Urumqi Food chopped-mutton

Urumqi Food  Xinjiang-Noodles

Urumqi Food Zhua Fan

Urumqi Food  Milk-Tea

Urumqi Food Yoghourt

Urumqi Food   Sausages

Urumqi Food   Stewed-Mutton

Urumqi Food   oil-bread

Urumqi Food   Chao-mian


Top Ten Restaurants in Urumqi

There are many local restaurants on the both street of Urumqi. You can easily find a local restaurants providing the traditional Urumqi food. Here are some best selected restaurants.


Urumqi restaurants The Four Gourmet Streets

Urumqi Restaurant Xinfu Road

 Urumqi Restaurant  Gongyuan Street North

 Urumqi Restaurant  Jianshe Road

Urumqi Restaurant Chongqing Restaurant

Urumqi Restaurant Du Er Dan Snack Bar

Urumqi Restaurant Wei Dao Jiang Hu

Urumqi Restaurant Qin He Ju

Urumqi Restaurant Quan Ju De Roast Duck

Urumqi Restaurant Qitai Hui People's Stirred Noodles



Things to Do in Urumqi

For many people their day begins at nightfall. You will see Urumqi street crowds making the most of their night lives. Places where people go for pleasure in their leisure have multiplied in this remote and inland city. In the shadow of brisk night market and gallant plaza, a lot of interesting restaurants, cafes, open-air bars and clubs have sprung catering to the needs and entertainment of people from all walks of life.

Things to Do in Urumqi Bridges of Madison

  Things to Do in Urumqi Fubar

Urumqi pubs and bars Jie Fang Road

Urumqi nightlife Jiefang Nan Lu

Urumqi bars internet cafes

Urumqi bars bowling clubs

Urumqi bars tea house

Urumqi bars coffee bars

Urumqi bars Urumqi Theatre

Urumqi bars Urumqi Cinema




Urumqi Shopping

Xinjiang is not only recognized as being a station on the Silk Road, but is also known as the 'Paradise of Fruits and Melons' Changes in temperature from morning to evening, long hours of sunshine and careful irrigation all work together to give the fruits of Xingjian bright color and sweet pulp. There are hundreds of species of grapes, muskmelons, watermelons, apples, pears, apricots, peaches, pomegranates, cherries, figs, and walnuts, and large quantities of fruits and melons are transported to other parts of the country and abroad. To buy fruits and melons, you can simply go to the supermarkets or you can choose to go to a local agriculture market. The most famous market is the Bei Yuan Chun Market in No.7 Kelamayi Xi Lu where you can find the largest variety of fruits and other agriculture products and experience the warmth of the culture.

Urumqi shopping grapes

Urumqi shopping muskmelons

Urumqi shopping watermelons

Urumqi shoppingapples


Urumqi shopping pears

Urumqi shopping apricots

Urumqi shopping cherries

Urumqi shopping figs

Urumqi shopping walnuts

Urumqi shopping Carpet




Urumqi Travel Tips

1.Urumqi is the capital city of Xinjinag province.

2.It is still black at 8:00 in the morning, so start your travel after that.

3. The best time to visit Urumqi is from May to October. It is also the busy season for traveling in Urumqi.