General Introduction to Wuhan

Wuhan CityWuhan is the capital of Hubei province. It is also the biggest hub city in the center of China. It lies at the east of Jianghan Plain, and the intersection of the middle reaches of the Yangtze and Han River. Arising out of the conglomeration of three boroughs, Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang, Wuhan is known as the "thoroughfare of nine provinces".

Wuhan is a city with both an ancient history and a thriving present. Historic relics excavated from ancient tombs tell the city's long history dating back 3,500 years. In the period of Pre-Qin (770 B.C. - 221 B.C.), this was the land of the State of Chu (one of the seven warring states before Qin, in China's first feudal dynasty) and was the cradle of the brilliant Chu Civilization. Starting here, merchants followed the great Yangtze River and lake network to expand businesses throughout the entire country.



Wuhan Weather and Climate

Wuhan's climate is humid subtropical with abundant rainfall and four distinctive seasons. Wuhan is known for its oppressively humid summers, when dewpoints can often reach 26 °C (79 °F) or more. Because of its hot summer weather, Wuhan is commonly known as one of the Three Furnaces of China, along with Nanjing and Chongqing. Spring and autumn are generally mild, while winter is cool with occasional snow. In recent thirty years, the average annual rainfall is 1269 mm, mainly from June to August; annual temperature is 15.8℃-17.5℃, annual frost free period lasts 211 to 272 days and annual sunlight duration is 1810 to 2100 hours.

Top Ten Attactions in Wuhan

Wuhan is a well known city with many historical sites and cultural relics. Famous attractions in Wuhan are Yellow Crane Tower, Yangtze River Bridge, East Lake, Chairman Mao Zedong's Villa and so on.


Yellow-Crane-Tower Yellow-Crane-Tower

Yangtze-River-Bridge Yangtze-River-Bridge


Chairman-Mao-Zedong's-Villa Chairman-Mao-Zedong's-Villa

Guiyuan-Buddhist-Temple Guiyuan-Buddhist-Temple

Heptachord Terrace Heptachord Terrace



National-Stone-Museum National-Stone-Museum

Hubei-Provincial-Museum  Hubei-Provincial-Museum


Wuhan Public Transport

Wuhan is the largest city in northeast China. There are many airlines from and to Wuhan from most of the cities in mainland China. You can also travel to Wuhan by trains, buses, boats. In the city, there are many ways to get around, such as buses, taxi, motor bike and so on.


Wuhan Public Transport By Air

Wuhan Public Transport By Trains

Wuhan Public Transport By Bus

Wuhan Public Transport By Taxi

Wuhan Public Transport By Bike

Wuhan Public Transport By Motorbike



Top Ten Hotels in Wuhan

Wuhan is the capital city of Hubei Province. It is also the economical, political and cultural center of Xinjiang. There are many luxry hotels in Wuhan. Here are some of the hotels we recommended. Please contact us if you want to book the hotels.



New-World-Hotel-Wuhan New-World-Hotel-Wuhan

Shangri-La-Hotel-Wuhan Shangri-La-Hotel-Wuhan









Famous Food in Wuhan

Wuhan food is generally a mix of Shanghai, Chongqing and Sichuan cuisines,therefore it is absolutely a wonderful place for tourists who haven't got enough time to travel.With the rich fresh water resources, Hubei has a flourishing fishing industry and the local cuisine, known as "E Cuisine", is one of the noted Ten Cuisines in China. Its fresh water fish dishes are well known and dominate 80% of the menus at the restaurants in Wuhan. Different from either sweet Cantonese food or hot spicy Sichuan cuisine, Hubei cuisine features lightly spiced flavoring and strong tastes, delicious soups and delicate fish dishes.



Wuhan Food Xiaotaoyuan-Soups

Wuhan Food  Mianyang-Three-Steamed-Dishes

Wuhan Food Vegetable-Bolts

Wuhan Food  Doupi

Wuhan Food Dupo-Chicken

Wuhan Food   Dry-Noodles

Wuhan Food   Old-Jianji-Beef

Wuhan Food   Orange-Cake

Wuhan Food   Red-Rape


Top Ten Restaurants in Wuhan

There are many local restaurants on the both street of Wuhan. You can easily find a local restaurants providing the traditional Wuhan food. Here are some best selected restaurants.


Wuhan restaurants Kanglong Taizi Restaurant

Wuhan Restaurant San Wu Chun Restaurant

 Wuhan Restaurant  Fu Sheng Restaurant

 Wuhan Restaurant  San Wu Restaurants

Wuhan Restaurant Xiao Lan Jing

Wuhan Restaurant Yanyang Tian Restaurant

Wuhan Restaurant Fardi Western Restaurant

Wuhan Restaurant Liwan Food City

Wuhan Restaurant Wilden Western Restaurant

Wuhan Restaurant Yunji vegetarian Restaurant



Things to Do in Wuhan

Wuhan nightlife is very attractive. Feel free to join locals in a glamorous night world. Nightlife in Wuhan is very active and attractive, mainly conccerning to pubs, bars and cafes, enchanting places to relax. If you'd like to improve your health, there are golf courses, tennis courts and bowling clubs.

Things to Do in Wuhan Type One

  Things to Do in Wuhan Patrons

Wuhan pubs and bars Wuchang Bo Da

Wuhan nightlife Big Mouth

Wuhan bars Red Lover

Wuhan bars Blue Sky

Wuhan bars Honglian Lake Country Golf Club

Wuhan bars The Eatern Lake Sea World

Wuhan bars The Bordeaux Bar

Wuhan bars Omary Music and Coffee Bar




Wuhan Shopping

The commercial industry in Wuhan has long been well-known throughout the country. Like other medium cities in China, the Wuhan commercial industry is flourishing with shopping malls and centers, super markets, chain stores and shopping streets throughout the city.

Wuhan shopping Turquoise

Wuhan shopping Duck Neck

Wuhan shopping Xiaogan-Cake

Wuhan shoppingFish-Noodle


Wuhan shopping Lotus-Root

Wuhan shopping Zicaitai

Wuhan shopping Osmanthus

Wuhan shopping Candy

Wuhan shopping Wuchang-Fish

Wuhan shopping Carpet




Wuhan Travel Tips

1.Wuhan is the capital city of Hubei province.

2.Summer is very hot in Wuhan. Please go there in Spring or Autumn.

3.Wuhan is the biggest hub city in the center of China.