How to Book Train Tickets in China?

How to Book Train Tickets in China

How to book train tickets in ChinaChina is a very big country with huge population. Most Chinese people travel by trains. Trains are the cheapest way to travel in China. You can go to most of the cities and provinces by trains. It is very convenient to book a train tickets in China. There are many ways to book Train Tickets. Here are some of the ways:

Fisrt Way is to book by yourself in train station. By this way, you have to go to the railway station by yourself. Most of the railway stations in China are located in the city center and can be easily accessed. In non-holiday days, you can easily book one ticket by about 10-30 minutes standing in the queue. But in spring festival transportation period, you have to wait longer time. And sometimes the tickets will not be available during the period. It is about three weeks before and after the Spring Festival. In the period, most Chinese people who are working out of their hometown will go home to celebrate the Spring Festial with their families. So booking trains in this time will be tough and difficult. Sometimes it sells out for some popular sections such as the routes from costal cities to inland China.

Second way is to book by travel agency. You can book your train tickets with the help of Travel Agency in China. But they will charge services fee as they have to go to the station to book it for you. The charge is about 100-500RMB for per ticket. So if you want to save more, just go to the station by yourself. But you have to speak some Chinese. Most assistants in the station can not understand other foreign languages.

The third ways to book train tickets is booking online. But now only a few companies can provide the services or some personal websites. They charege more servies fee than the travel agency. But you have to pick you train tickets from your hotels lobby. They can send the tickets to the hotel lobby. Just ask the assistants there to get your tickets.

Want to book Train tickets now? then send your mail and your requirments to to book your tickets in China.