Learning Chinese in Guilin China

Learning Chinese in Guilin

Learning Chinese in GuilinChinese is becoming more and more important international language in the world. Learning Chinese is also becoming more and more popular in the world. Many international students coming to China to learn Chinese. Here we are providing you the best chance to learn Chinese. We are providing you a private teachers who can speak English and teach you in your free time. Our teachers are experienced and friendly. You can come to the teacher's classroom or learning center. We will provide free learning textbooks and learning resoruces. The best way to learn Chinese is to practice more with your Chinese friends. Here we will help you make many Chinese friends. We also invites you to take part in Chinese family parties or birthday parties. By talking Chinese, you will learn Chinese quickly. If you like, we can also provide you a English teaching job. You will earn some money by teaching Chinese students English. This is the best way to learn Chinese in China. There are many students in China need foreign teachers to practise their spoken language. You will learn Chinese during the teaching of English to your students.

How to Learn Chinese

Chinese is a old and interesting language. But learning it needs patience diligent. For the beginers, private or tutors are the best teachers. The tutors will arrange the suitable learning resources according to your level. Most beginers will feel interesting for the Chinese Characters are in different shape. After one month or two month learning, you will get some basic knowledge of Chinese Character and Pinyin. Just like learning English, Learning Chinese needs hard work. Writing, speaking, listening, reading are the four must-do activities.

About Our Teachers

Most of our teachers have got the bachelor degree in Teachers Training University. Most of them choose English ad their second languge. This will guarantee the communication with students. All teachers are qualified to teach Chinese and speak the pure Chinese. So you don't have to worry about the pronunciation. All of our teachers are very friendly and helpful. They are eager to teach and eager to learn.

Our Price and Learning Time

Working Days: 200 yuan/2 hours/1-3persons, two or three times a week, two hours a time.

Weekend: 300 yuan/2 hours/1-3persons, two hours a day

Contact Us:

Email adddress: chinatraveldiscovery@gmail.com

Phone number: +8613457665413

Class Room Adress: Lijiang Road, Guilin Guangxi, China (三里店国展购物公园对面)