Hubei Province Guide

General Introduction to Hubei Province

Hubei ProvinceHubei is located in the North of Dongting Lake and in the Middle reaches of Yangtze River. Neighboring Henan to the north, Hunan to the south and Anhui to the east, Shaanxi to the Northwest, Hubei Province covers an area of 180,000 square kilometers and the population of 60,280,000. As many other provinces in China, there are also some ethnic group living in this province, including Miao, Tujia, Dong.


Hubei Province, with its capital Wuhan is a well known province for its excellent education. Wuhan is also the political, cultural and economical center of Hubei Province.



Best Time to Go to Hubei

Hubei has a subtropical monsoonal climate. The summer is hot and humid. Winter of Hubei is dry and windy while the Autumn is clear and light. The average temperature of the year is from 15C to 17C centigrade. The best time to visit Hubei is Spring and Autumn.


What to See in Hubei Province

Hubei has a long history which can be dated back to Three Kingdoms Period. The Chu state is located in and around Hubei province. So there are a lot of historical relics there, including grottoes, ancient towers, emperial mausoleums and temples. The famous Taoist Mountain, Wudang Mountain is in the Hubei province. Wudang and Shaolin are two families of Kung Fu in China which is well known to each Chinese.


Top Ten Cities in Hubei Province

Hubei is one of the originating places of the Chinese people. Economic developed well in this province. The cities in Hubei are good example.


Enshi cityEnshi City

Ezhou cityEzhou City

Huanggang cityHuanggang City

Huangshi cityHuangshi City

Jingmen cityJingmen City

Jingzhou  cityJingzhou City

Shiyan cityShiyan City

Suizhou citySuizhou City

Yichang  cityYichang City


Hubei Travel Tips

1. Summer in Hubei is hot and humid. The best time to visit is spring and autumn.

2. Wudang Maountain is a Taoist Mountain. A lot of Taoist temples are located in Wudang Mountain.

3.Wuhan is the biigest city in Hubei province. It is also the political and economical center of Hubei province.

4.Yichang is populous travel destination in China. It is a must see city for Yangtze River Cruise.