Most Famous Mountains in Guilin

#One: Yaoshan Mountain

Huangshan MountainYaoshan Mountain is located in the northeast of Guilin city. It's about 10 kilometer from the downtown Guilin. The main peak of Yaoshan is 909.3 meters high and it is also the highest mountain in Guilin area. Yaoshan is also callled Bull Mountain as its shape seems like a bull. There are slideway and cable car from the bottom of the mountain to the peak of the mountain. Tourists can also climb to the top of the mountain. Tourists can have an bird view of Guilin's beautiful landscape on the top of the mountain.

#Two: Cat Mountain

Emei MountainThe Cat mountain is located in Xingan County, Guilin.

#Three: Fubo Mountain

Taishan Mountain

Fubo Hill is located in downtown Guilin.

#Four: Seven Star Peak Mountain

Huashan MountainSeven Star Peak is located in Seven Star Park in Guilin Downtown.

#Five: Solitaire Peak Mountain

Next on the route is Jade Maiden Peak. Legend has it that a jade maiden was once seen riding a white horse among the mountains, hence the name. The hikers can choose to take a left to Sunrise Peak, a fine place to enjoy the view of the sunrise in early morning (which would involve climbing the mountain in the dark as there is nowhere to stay on the mountain).

#Six: Chuangshan Mountain

Chuangshan Mountain is located in Chuanshan Park.