Most popular and top visited website in China

Most popular and top visited website in China

facts of great wall of ChinaThe first one is Baidu(百度). It is the most visited and popular website in China. It is a Chinese search engine. It is used by millions of people everyday. It has become the top tone search engine in Chinese. People will use it to find more websites and services online. Compare to other Chinese search engine, Baidu seized the top market in Chinese search engine. Other search engines in Chinese are including sougou, sousou, and others. The manager of Baidu is Li Yanhong who is a famous computer engineer in China. Baidu make money by providing advertising on the results of the search result. It is the top search engine in China.


facts of great wall of ChinaThe second one is Sina(新浪). It is a comprehensive information website in China, providing entertainment, news, sports, social events, education, life, story and more than hundreds of content in China and the world. It is most famous for its sport news and event report. Most sport lovers will access to the website everyday. Now it's Weibo(similar with twitter) become the number one in China. The website aims to provide the comprehensive information for the Chinese worldwide.



facts of great wall of ChinaThe third one is Sohu(搜狐). As Sina, Sohu is also a comprehensive information and news website in Chinese. It's contents range from politics, economics, science, technology, education, entertainment, life, social events and sport news. Sohu is famous for its video channel. People can see many clear videos on Sohu Video channel. Many films are free to see on Sohu website. Sohu has it's weibo too. It is the second comprehensive content website in China. There are many famous tool that was produced by the company. For example the Chinese character tool and sougou music tool. Many of the products and software are loved by Chinese users.


facts of great wall of ChinaXinhua net(新华网) is a news websites. People read China news and world news on thhis website. It's content covering politics, economics, education, science, technology, social events, entertainment, militery, world sports, world important news, world politics and so on. Xinhua is also one of the most authoried news website in China. If you want to know more about China and the world, just read some news on this website. Xinhua aims to give people the latest and real news happend in China and the world.



facts of great wall of ChinaAs Xinhua net, Renmin net(人民网) is also the most popular news website in China. It is famous for its social events and reviews. It focus more on events and news happend in China. Most Chinese read news on this website everyday. Most politic news are published on this website. You can hear more voices from the China's political leaders from this website. It is an important news website in Chinese.



facts of great wall of ChinaQQ(腾讯QQ) is the most popular social website in China. Af facebook in the western countries, QQ is most used as a online chatting software which similar with MSN and Skype. It's website is also one of the top visited websites in China. It is famous for its entertainment news and events. Most young people in China use QQ in their daily life. There are many games and tools on this website. There are millions of people play games and have fun on it. Chatting through QQ is one of the most popular social events in China. If you are coming to China, you can see most people will use it in the web cafe.



facts of great wall of网易) is also a comprehensive content website in China. It provides news from politics, economics, entertainments, sports, world news. Compared with other content website, 163 has a strong focus on entertainment and social evnets. Entertainment news are the important news in this website. The other strong point of the website is it's email services. Most people in China are used as their email services provider, especially the older generations.



facts of great wall of ChinaTianya(天涯) is top forum website in China. You can know the most recent events and social life here. Many hot topics are from this website. There are thousands of people publish their opinions and reviews on this website. Many common people became famous through this website. Many great topics are from this forum.




facts of great wall of Chinayouku(优酷) is the top visited video website in China. It is Chinese youtube. You can see most videos on this website for free. People upload their videos and share to other poeple. You can also download the videos you like for free. If you want to watch a Chinese TV show, the best website is Youku.